The Coma 2019 720p BluRay (2x Audio ENG+RUS) HEVC H265 BONE
The Coma 2019 720p BluRay (2x Audio ENG+RUS) HEVC H265 BONE
Size: 1.37 GB |Duration: 01:51:07 | Bitrate: 1492 Kbps |Code: hvc1 | Frame rate: 23.976 fps

Genres:: Fantasy|Action|Science Fiction
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A young and talented architect comes to his senses after a horrific accident only to find himself in the odd dystopian world. A world that is filled with the memories of all current coma patients. Just like a human memory this world is fragmental, chaotic and unstable. This is COMA: icecaps, rivers and cities can all exist in a space of a single room and laws of physics are no longer laws as they can be bent.

BBC The Sky at Night - Stars A Matter of Life and Death (2020)

BBC The Sky at Night - Stars: A Matter of Life and Death (2020)
English | Size: 900 MB
Category: Tutorial

The Sky at Night team explore the life and death of stars. Chris Lintott investigates the strange dimming of Betelgeuse, which caused some speculation that it might be about to explode into a supernova. And Maggie Aderin-Pocock reports on the recent discovery of the biggest and brightest supernova ever observed.
BBC - Donald Trump All American Billionaire (2010)

BBC - Donald Trump: All American Billionaire (2010)
English | Size: 1.11 GB
Category: Documentary

Emily Maitlis tells the incredible story of Donald Trump, the world's most famous developer, who changed the New York skyline with his glitzy towers and made himself a multi-billionaire. With unprecedented access to Trump and his family, Maitlis finds out how he did it. Trump's own lifestyle, with the glamorous wives and the private jet, is all marketing for his luxurious brand.
SonicWALL NSv 200 Trial R619 ova

SonicWALL NSv 200 Trial R619 ova
English | Size: 2 GB
Category: Security

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SonicWall's industry-leading Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) capabilities such as application control, IPS, TLS/SSL decryption and inspection, advanced threat protection (ATP), VPN, network segmentation capabilities to protect your cloud environments.
Linkedin Learning - CompTIA Security Plus SY0-601 Cert Prep 1 Threats Attacks and Vulnerabilities

Linkedin Learning - CompTIA Security Plus SY0-601 Cert Prep 1 Threats Attacks and Vulnerabilities-XQZT
English | Size: 478.87 MB
Category: Tutorial

The CompTIA Security+ exam is an excellent entry point for a career in information security. The latest version, SY0-601 expands coverage of cybersecurity threats, risk management, and IoT threats. This course prepares exam candidates for the first domain of the exam, Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities. By learning about malware, networking and application security exploitations, and social engineering, youll be prepared to answer questions from the exam and strengthen your own organizations systems and defenses. Author Mike Chapple, an IT leader with over 17 years of experience, also covers the processes for discovering and mitigating threats and attacks, automating threat intelligence, scanning for vulnerabilities, and conducting penetration testing